You've NEVER had massage like this before!

“S-h-h-h-h” no talking during your session time!🤫

At Body Harmony Therapeutics, the focus is to de-stress.

This is YOUR special time to completely

"let go",

 while your practitioner brings you a tranquil relaxing, yet therapeutic experience!

Police, Fire, First Responder and Military Discount.

Click here to read more about how VibroAcoustic Sound Healing Therapy will benefit you! 

Every Session is unique to your specific therapeutic need.​

Body Harmony Therapeutic Sound Healing Massage Sessions

The following "Body Harmony Sound Healing Massage Sessions" are for those seeking therapeutic massage for every day stress relief of depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, health struggles, physical pain, fatigue, poor circulation, tense muscles, sore muscles and various other ailments.

This is your Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage! 

Exclusive Body Harmony Sessions


"Regenerate & Restore" Session 

and for a limited time *Stress Relief - Eucalyptus* "Regenerate & Restore" 

{Full details are on Facebook and under the  Request Appointment  link.}

 90 min     $125 

Every Massage Session is unique to your specific therapeutic need.​


Essential Oil Mist

A fine mist of essential oil surrounds your senses throughout your session.

Signature Facial

Unique to Body Harmony is our facial. Your face and neck is massaged and purely/raw high trace mineral Dead Sea Mud is applied to face and neck, followed by hot-steamy towels. Your facial will be followed up with a mist of Rose Water.

Hot Oil Scalp and Hair Treatment

Unique to Body Harmony and the best hot-oil treatment your hair ever had. Warm Argan Oil is drizzled from the hair-line and then deeply massaged into the scalp and pulled gently through your hair. Your head is then wrapped in hot-steamy towels to condition both face and hair. 


The most relaxing massage you've NEVER had before! 

Used to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and relax the entire body.  This goes beyond relaxation!

Essential Oil Mist and Hot steamy foot wrap

A fine mist of the essential oil is applied to your feet following your foot massage

and hot steamy towels envelop your feet for the remainder of your session.

Hot Himalayan Salt Stones

Hot Stone Massage on your back is a technique that uses heated stones to relax and massage sore muscles.


90 Min Therapeutic Massage Session   


90 Minute Full Body Massage on the Body Harmony Sound Healing Table.

Every Massage Session is unique to your specific therapeutic need.

60 Min Therapeutic Massage Session   


60 Minute Full Body Massage on the Body Harmony Sound Healing Table.

Essential Oil Mist

Hot - Steamy Towel Foot Wrap

Every Massage Session is unique to your specific therapeutic need.



"Body Harmony Session"

Unique to Body Harmony Spa in Broken Bow, Oklahoma

90 min      $175

Every Massage Session is unique to your specific therapeutic need.​


Hot Shea Butter  is "drizzled" at your neck and shoulders... and your neck and shoulders are firmly massaged.

Our Dead Sea Mud Facial is amazing, as your body drinks in the 90% trace minerals and is exfoliated, conditioned and softened.

The Hot Argan oil scalp massage is incredible! Your scalp is deeply massaged with Hot Argan Oil and applied through your hair.

This has to be the best Hot Oil treatment your hair has ever had, nourishing the hair follicles with vitamins.

 Hot steamy towels are wrapped around your head and face while it conditions your hair and skin.


Hot Shea Butter "drizzle" and massage is applied to your body followed by the most relaxing, choreographed massage you've NEVER had before! 


Next a "sprinkle" of Dead Sea Salt and a gentle exfoliation. Pure Bliss!


"Wrapped" in Hot, Moist, 

Steamy towels

to activate the absorption of trace minerals and vitamins into the skin is Euphoric and Comforting!

Your body is invited into a deep, relaxing state, where you are free to "let go" and "surrender" the stress and tension.

Trace minerals are released into your system on a water soluble level.


Following the unveiling of the towels, a fine mist, with an essential oil, will fall softly on your back.

Body Harmony Therapeutics does not offer the "recovery snack" uniquely offered by Body Harmony Spa.

Each client that receives a scalp treatment will be gifted their very own Turbie Twist hair towel

and a clarifying shampoo sample.


Swedish Massage is the most common and BEST known type of massage.

It is not only used to relax the muscles but has many other benefits:

Improves Circulation

Boosts the Immune System

Increases Flexibility

Promotes Quicker Recovery

Helps Relieve Mental and Emotional Stress

Encourages Relaxation

and many others!

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