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🎵 Body Harmony🎵



120 Min 



Upon arrival you are greeted with a delicious snack tray of sweets, nuts, cheese, deli meat slices and fruit!

For your beverage, you are provided with a small bottle of water and the option of herbal tea.

You will be given a fun robe to snuggle into as you prepare for your "ME TIME".

Now the relaxation begins!

As you take some time to decompress and enjoy your snack, you will melt into a relaxing foot spa. 

Foot Spa

Your foot spa is infused with essential oils and Epsom salt. You may take all the time you need to wind down.

Maybe get a few things off your chest, just talk about life or maybe you just need some quiet time.

To conclude your foot spa, your feet will be conditioned with an essential oil salt scrub and your practitioner will then leave the room as you prepare yourself on the therapeutic sound table.

Essential Oil Mist

A fine mist of essential oil surrounds your senses throughout your session.

Signature Facial

Unique to Body Harmony is our facial. Your face and neck is massaged and purely/raw high trace mineral

Dead Sea Mud is applied to your face and neck, followed by hot-steamy towels.

Your facial will be followed up with a cool mist of Rose Water.

Hot Oil Scalp and Hair Treatment

Unique to Body Harmony and the best Hot-Oil treatment your hair every had.

Warm Argan Oil is drizzled at the hair line and then deeply massaged into the scalp

and pulled gently through your hair. 


Full Body Massage

The most relaxing massage you've NEVER had before! Top of the head to the tips of your toes.

Used to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility and RELAX the entire body!

This goes beyond relaxation!

Body Exfoliation with a dead sea salt essential oil body scrub,

followed by the removal with a hot-steamy towel is incorporated throughout your full body massage.

Essential Oil Mist and Hot Steamy Towel Foot Wrap

A fine mist of essential oil is applied to your feet following your foot massage and hot steamy towels envelop your feet for the remainder of the session. 

Hot Stones Massage

Throughout your massage, hot stones are applied to relax and massage sore muscles. 

You don't want to miss this!!!